LoneWolf Flight from the Dark v1.0.0 APK

LoneWolf, the last Kai Lord, is the only one who can warn the King of the attack!

LoneWolf Flight from the Dark v1.0.0play.google.com.lonewolfbook1
In the land of Sommerlund, a young Kai initiate called Silent Wolf is preparing for the feastday of Fehmarn, when all of the Kai Lords gather at their monastery. As a punishment for his inattention in class, Silent Wolf is sent to cut wood from the surrounding forest. 

While he is away, a surprise attack is launched from the neighboring Darklands at several places along the Sommerlund border. The Kai Monastery is assaulted and the gathered Kai Lords are overwhelmed and massacred. Returning from the woods to find himself the only survivor, Silent Wolf renames himself Lone Wolf and sets out for the capital, Holmgard, to inform King Ulnar of the tragedy that has befallen the Kai.

Required Android O/S : 1.++

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Download : 8.2Mb APK

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