Demolition Inc. HD v25.68490 APK

This charming destruction-based puzzler is a literal blast!

Demolition Inc. HD v25.68490
DEMOLITION, INC. is a new action strategy game: Assume the role of the daring demolition worker Mike and start a devastating chain reaction on earth. Use cool tools and weapons and expand your destructive powers!

You navigate Mike's UFO over the cities of Earth and unfold complete chaos with your tools and weapons: Cars which drive into tower blocks and make them collapse; high-rises which fall onto other high-rises, exploding cows which make whole streets of houses come tumbling down!

DEMOLITION, INC. is 100% physics technology: nothing is predetermined, and nothing is pre-animated. Your actions alone decide what happens and what you see!

Because of this, every time you play will be a unique experience and you won't get enough from those explosive chain reactions you make by yourself.

  • Ground-breaking technology - Car and building physics is fully simulated. Everything is destructible and nothing is pre-animated. No game round is like another.
  • Combining action and strategy - Use the endless possibilities of combining your tools and weapons to make devastating chain reactions. Only this way can you manage to tear down whole cities!
  • Tools and Weapons - Use you tractor beam to take control of cars, place anti-gravity ramps to maximize damage, use the huge wrecking ball to clear your path.
  • Improve your skills on the way and unlock breathtaking and crazy new tools and weapons!
  • Exciting levels - 6 cities and 27 districts are waiting to be demolished by you and led to their fate!
  • Campaign mode - Fulfill your mission and destroy one city after another. By cunning use of your tools and weapons you will turn district after district into rubble!
  • Rampage mode - Limitless destruction. Unleash mayhem with all your tools and weapons you have unlocked. The level is your playground and you experience new breathtaking scenes of destruction over and over again.
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 27, 2012)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes while loading.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 37Mb APK +176Mb Cache file

  1. Install APK
  2. Copy 'com.Zeroscale.DemolitionInc.hd ' folder to '/sdcard/Android/obb' (If you have previous version installed, no need to download cache file)
  3. Launch the Game

Metal core GO Locker Theme v1.0 APK

The mechanical core theme to bring you cool new experience!

Metal core GO Locker Theme
  • The mechanical core theme to bring you cool new experience.
  • 2012, you can not miss the boutique theme
Installation instructions:
  1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
  2. Click Menu>Plugins>GO Locker, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.
Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement!

Required Android O/S : 2.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 2Mb APK

4x4 Safari 2 v1.0.0 APK

Special release price 80% off 4x4 safari 2 hunting!

4x4 Safari 2
Special release price 80% off 4x4 safari 2 hunting.
4x4 Safari 2 - Hunting in and out of jeep.
Dangerous predators where you become the hunted.

  • Drive 4x4 Jeep and Explore/Track by foot.
  • Complete Quests to Unlock the huge amount of animals :-
  • Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Zebra, Rhino, Reedbuck, Monkey, 
  • Wildebeest, Lioness, Meerkat and Crocodile.
  • Powerful Zoom Scope/Bullet Tracking those Deadly
  • accurate WOW kills.
  • Dangerous predators such as Lion, Crocodile and Scarabs.
  • Stunning Full 360 degrees deep visuals.
  • Original authentic Safari Soundtrack/Sounds.
  • Addictive intense non-stop action game-play.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 30Mb APK

Mytheme GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0 APK

Mytheme GO LauncherEX Theme!

Mytheme GO LauncherEX Theme
include 20 HD personality icons, more new icons are making, please following update
  • 3 size of wallpaper 
  • 1280x1280 (default)
  • 1280x720
  • 960x800
Please according to their mobile phone resolution to choose suitable wallpaper, can achieve the best effect;
  • I suggest that you put the standby screen icon set to 4, it will look more personality, as you see in the preview of the effect;
  • he weather widget named"Weather forecast"on the screenshot
  • GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed. 
  • Search “GO Launcher EX” on Google Play Shop and install it for free.
How to Apply the Theme
  1. Directly open the theme after successful installation. 
  2. or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.
How to Change Wallpaper
  • Click Menu>Wallpaper, and select the wallpaper you like.
How to Change App Icons
  • (Some devices might not automatically apply the icons)
  • Long press some app icon>Replace>Theme’s icon, and then choose the icon you like.
Required Android O/S : 2.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 2.6Mb APK

Dragon's Lair v1.059 APK

Experience the best in retro gaming with Dragon’s Lair on your Android device !

Dragon's Lair v1.059
Now you can experience the best in retro gaming on-the-go with Dragon’s Lair on your Android device! Both the phone and tablet editions included for one low price!
Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of hand-drawn animation adapted from the original smash hit arcade classic. Transferred from the original high definition master film, you’ll experience this fully arcade authentic experience right in the palm of your hand.

Simply press on the direction pad to guide our hero Dirk The Daring in the correct direction. Use your sword to take on all that the Evil Wizard Mordroc throws your way.

This version of Don Bluth's Dragon’s Lair is fully compatible with Android 1.6 through to the current release. In fact we’ve included full compatibility for phones and tablets! We’ve even remastered the footage for a variety of screen resolutions so all devices can experience Dragon’s Lair in all its glory.

Please note that we recommend you utilizing Wi-Fi connection to download Dragon’s Lair. Though downloading the full game may take some time after the initial download, you’re in for an awesome retro gaming experience.

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 30, 2012)
  • Minor adjustments when game paused.
  • Minor adjustments to XPERIA PLAY implementation.
  • Compatibility Mode maintains touch overlays -- try this if you find they disappear.
  • Wii remote supported for button input. See (includes config file for Dragon's Lair)
  • iCade supported via keyboard mapping: W=Up, X=Down, A=Left, D=Right, U=Sword.
Required Android O/S : 1.5+

Screenshots :

Download: 25Mb APK

 SD Data (/Android/data/)

Real Colors Pro v1.0.10 APK

Extract color schemes from pictures!

Real Colors Pro
Generate color schemes and beautiful color themes from images. We help designers, artists or craft makers get color inspiration from real life, capture real color palettes from images by using advanced algorithms to automatically extract colors.

The app uses popular color theory generation modes like monocromatic, triad, shades, analogus, complementary, split complementary or tetrad to create the perfect color theme for your next project. It's like using an auto color snap tool in real life.

  • Automatically extract harmonious color schemes from images using a wide range of color theory generation modes: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad or split complementary *New*
  • Generate beautiful wallpapers from your favorite color schemes *New*
  • Automatically generate the color spectrum over the processed image
  • Colors can be easily edited
  • Find out detailed information about the colors including HEX, RGB and HSB values
  • Save color schemes in a Library for future reference and sharing
  • Color schemes can be exported by email, including color spectrum information, and color values in HEX, RGB and HSB.
  • Share your favorite color schemes with your friends on Facebook
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2012)
  • Fixed some memory issues
  • Improved fonts on 7 inch tablets
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 4.6Mb APK

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