Doom GLES v1.09.5 APK

Fight demons in DoomGLES, the best looking Doom port on mobile devices !

Doom GLES v1.09.5
DoomGLES is the classic Doom(GL) ported to OpenGLES.
You are a space marine who fights hordes of Demons on Mars bases, Earth and Hell !
It supports:

  • High resolutions (on tablets or highend phones) 
  • Realtime dynamic lighting 
  • Particles effects 
  • 3D Monsters and objects (MD2) 
  • Blood projections 
  • Realistic water effect 
The first time you launch DoomGLES, it will download Doom shareware datas + all common datas for all games (be sure to select "doom1" as IWAD).
After the first launch, if you own (ultimate) Doom and/or Doom 2, copy the wad file (doom.wad or doom2.wad) in your device at this location: /sdcard/Kokak/DoomGLES/

Then select, from the launch menu, Doom or Doom2 as IWAD. The OpenGLES datas will be downloaded.

Here the size of the downloaded datas:
Doom shareware + common datas: ~40MB
Ultimate Doom datas: ~100MB
Doom 2 datas: ~185MB
Plutonia datas: ~80MB
TNT datas: ~70MB
So please be patient while it downloads the datas...

On some devices, the game may not launch after the datas have been installed. It is the case if the "Downloading Datas" waiting box disappears and the game doesn't launch after 30 seconds. Simply exit the game (home button) and relaunch it.

If you are afraid the initial download will not end before the 15 minutes refund delay, you can manually install the datas before buying DoomGLES. See, or contact me directly.
Please, do the same for any other problem.

On the launch window you can choose various options, you can also add classic doom command line parameters (like "-warp episode map").

To use a custom PWAD, copy it to your device in /sdcard/Kokak/DoomGLES/, copy converted datas in the same folder, and add on the command line "-file wadname.wad"
To convert PWAD datas, see

Planned features for next releases:
  • Button mapping (Xperia Play / USB Game Pad)
  • Network support
  • More nice graphics effects
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 19, 2012)
  • Tips window minor fix
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 24.2Mb APK

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