Nanosaur 2 v1.1.2 APK


Nanosaur 2 v1.1.2
You're a heavily-armed flying dinosaur on a mission to save your species from extinction! How awesome is that?? 

Destroy everything that gets in your way as you do battle with enemy Nanosaurs and rescue stolen eggs.

  • Brilliant graphics and riveting action
  • 3 complex levels
  • Smooth, responsive tilt-control movement
  • 9 different power-ups
  • Variety of awesome weapons
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 20, 2012)
  • Fixed crash on some of the new devices in the market.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 47Mb APK

Bunny Forest v1.0.0 APK

Bunny Forest is animated and interactive Live Wallpaper on your home screen!

Bunny Forest
Bunny Forest is animated and interactive Live Wallpaper on your home screen!
Enchanted deep forests filled with mistery and unknown creatures, complemented by magic within! Beautiful scenery wrapped within sunset, falling leaves and refreshed by evening rain c: ( does not support tablets )
★WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! We DON'T charge you for extra content!!!
FULL version also includes:
  • Sound FX
  • Regular updates ( extra content )
  • Various interactions
  • Lots of items and features
  • SD-card support ( Androis OS 2.2+ )
  • Based on OpenGL ( smooth and effective )
  • Quality content ( original artwork )
  • Support!
How to interact with Bunny Forest?
  • Poke bunnies! Bunnies are quite cautious creatures so they will try to hide away for every little suspicious action you make. Yet none story tells much about the Fairy Bunnies~
PoP bubbles! The old forest is filled with swamps so the air always tends to be accompanied by bubbles.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 1.3Mb APK

Easy Photo Merge v15 APK

Would you want to share your photos to facebook, twitter and other SNS service only one photo?

Easy Photo Merge
Would you want to share your photos to facebook, twitter and other SNS service only one photo?
Then your choice is 'Easy Photo Merge'.
As you know, there are lots of photo editor apps in the market, but I swear 'Easy Photo Merge' is easiest way to merge photos.

Just use it right away and feel happy.
  • About 40 layouts
  • Share to SNS services ( facebook, twitter, instagram and so on )
  • Save to gallery
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 2.6Mb APK

ReLoop Loop Sequencer v1.9.7 APK

Loop-Based music sequencer !

ReLoop Loop Sequencer
Quickly make music using samples and loops, just like Garageband or Sony's ACID.
Real time live loop preview, hear how a loop will sound while currently playing what's already programmed.
Get more samples for FREE by downloading ReLoop loop Paks from Android Market or from my website, OR load your own samples too unto your sdcard.

3 real-time FX : Delay, Low pass filter, and Distortion.

Easy to use interface - Drag/Drop loops on the timeline.
  • TAP a track number to bring up a screen to load a sample or loop to that track.
  • LONG PRESS a track number to bring up the FX dialog for that track.
  • TOUCH AND DRAG TO THE RIGHT off a track number to add it's sample to the timeline
  • LONG PRESS a sample to select it for further editing.
  •  LONG PRESS a sample AND DRAG TO THE LEFT OFF THE SCREEN to delete the sample from the timeline.
  • LONG PRESS a sample and move it left to right to move its position on the timeline.
  • CHECK THE MENU for even more operations such as slice, copy, undo, snap, etc.
CD quality sound (44Khz 16bit stereo).

WAV import - LOAD YOUR OWN samples and loops from SDCARD. File location is /sdcard/reloop/samples.

Use my Sonic Chop app (sold separate) to chop samples from MP3's on your device and load them right into ReLoop!

24 bit WAV support, no need to convert your samples or loops to use them. Use samples from loopmasters, primeloops, etc, right away.

CHANGE PITCH on one-shot samples to build melodies

SLICE loops and rearrange.

SNAP up to 1/16, or turn off SNAP and lay samples wherever you want.

COPY/PASTE samples or entire blocks

WAV Export.

Uses as much screen space as you have, works great on Galaxy tablet screens.

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 22, 2012 )
  • Separated FX into it's own button now, was previously activated with a long press, but that was a little too sensitive and troublesome due to customer feedback.
  • Changed the graphics a small bit for the track loading side as well.
  • Each track now has separate sample load and FX buttons on the left.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 2.3Mb APK

Velox 3D v2.1 APK

3D Stunt car racing, featuring smooth 3d-scenarious !

Velox 3D v2.1
3D Stunt car racing, featuring smooth 3d-scenarious!
Just now: Christmas-Special Price!
Demonstrate your skills in 18 challenging Speed- & Stunt-Tracks.
Race, jump and fly in beatiful scenarious with smooth 3D graphics.

Play against time, CPU controlled enemies or beat your personal best.
Be warned, this game is fast and addictive!


  • Optimized for slower mobiles (at least 600MHz recommended) 
  • 18 different Tracks 
  • 3 Difficulty Levels 
  • Accelerometer-controlled 
  • State-of-the-art 3D Graphics 
  • Realistic physics 
What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 21, 2012)
  • Added link to "Velox Reloaded" - the brand new follower game of Velox!
  • Or just search for "Velox Reloaded" on play market!
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 3.8Mb APK

Mosaicture v1.4 APK

Mosaicture is the first Android application that generates mosaics based on all available !

Mosaicture is the first Android application that generates mosaics based on all available images on your device. While other applications simply draw the original image over top of your photos, Mosaicture uses the available images on your gallery, automatically placing them in the correct place to recreate the original image as a mosaic.

Select an image of your device, or take a picture, and give it a time so Mosaicture can recreate the original image using the images on your gallery. The more different the color of your images, the more precise Mosaicture can match the original image.

  • Create mosaics of any photos on your gallery 
  • Use zoom-in to visualize the photos used on your mosaic 
  • Adjust the size of your mosaic 
  • Select photos that should not be used on mosaic generation 
  • Share your mosaics via email, facebook, twitter and more
    What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 22, 2012)
    • Layout adjustments for low density devices. 
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :
    Download : 220Kb APK

    Music Folder Player Donate v1.2.9 APK

    The alternative folder based music player !

    Music Folder Player Donate v1.2.9
    Music Folder Player is an alternative music player.
    This is the donate version without advertisement.
    Please contact me via email in case of problems. I can't answer comments in the Android Market for most countries.

    This player behaves different to the Android standard player and most alternative players. It is particularly suitable for people who often want to switch between music and audio books/podcasts.

    Features :
    • Folder list - The user interface of the player is not based on artists or albums, but on the folder structure. Each folder which contains audio files will appear in the list separately. 
    • Quickly switch between folders - If you select a folder in the folder list, it will start exactly at the last played position. This allows you to quickly switch between folders. There no need to create bookmarks manually. 
    • Seek Buttons - For long podcasts and audio books it is difficult to skip to a certain position. Especially if the audio book is one big file. Therefore the Music Folder Player provides 'Seek Buttons'. They can be used to jump in step forward or backward. The jump distance and direction is configurable for each button between 1s and 99s and between 1% and 9%. 
    • Equalizer (devices with Android 2.3 or newer) -Customizable settings: 4 
    • -Predefined settings: 8 (Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer, Vocal -Booster, Vocal Reducer, Volume Booster, Party)
    • Sorry, but implementing equalizer and effects for older Android versions is very complex and requires licenses. 
    • Virtual Room Effect (Android 2.3 or newer) , 
    • Reverb Effect (Android 2.3 or newer) 
    • Balance control 
    • Font Size - Since there are many different Android devices with different screen resolutions, you can adjust the font size to your needs. 
    • Shuffle files within the current folder. 
    • Shuffle files of all folders 
    • Repeat single files (long press on playing track) 
    • Delete single files - You can delete a single file if is is not played currently. Simply long press on the file and choose 'Delete'. 
    • Rename single files - You can rename a single file if is is not played currently. Simply long press on the file and choose 'Rename'. 
    • Sleep Timer 
    • The sleep timer stops and exits the player after a selectable time or at the end of the current track. The sound is fading out some seconds before the timer ends. This prevents you from waking up suddenly. 
    • Extended headset control - If your headset has only one button, you can skip to the next track by double click. A single click pauses the playback. This also works in shuffle mode. 
    • Undo function - If you accidentally touch a button or select another track, the undo button appears. 
    What's in this version: (Updated : Jun 22, 2012)
    • Added new 'Explorer' view mode. This allows hierarchical browsing of the folder structure.
    • Using Holo theme Android >= 3.0
    • Fixed bug: Folders containing a file with the name '.nomedia' are ignored although configured manually as folder to be scanned.
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :
    Download : 420Kb APK

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