SkatinGirlz v1.01 APK

Skate on the beach and fight!

SkatinGirlz is a time race where you need to collect time bonuses in order to complete laps and win the race.
Beware of the computer opponents.They will try to kick you out of the game!
You can of course fight back kicking and punching them.

There are 5 beautiful 3d levels with a tropical environment and even an erupting volcano on one of the islands.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 32MB (APK + SD data)

(Copy 'SkatinGirlz' folder to sd root)

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP v1.3 APK

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP!

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP
  • Custom, Original Design Work
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • 250 Custom Images!!
I LOVE the Jelly Bean / Ice Cream Sandwich look, but there were some things i didn't like and some things I thought I could improve. That is what this theme is all about. Taking JB & ICS to another level!

ROOT is needed and a custom ROM like CM9/CM10/AOKP needed that supports the Theme Engine

This Theme will work for the following ROM's
  • CM9
  • CM10
  • AOKP
  • Download Theme
  • Go to Settings -> Themes
  • Select JB Extreme and press apply
  • You may get an error: 'Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size'.
  • Ignore that and press apply anyway
  • A message will display saying SystemUI has crashed, press OK
  • SystemUI will restore after about 5-10 seconds and theme will be applied
  • If you coming from another theme, you may need to reboot
The lock screen and some system dialogs cannot be themed in the T-Mobile Theme Engine, therefore they will remain unchanged

What i have themed so far
  • Background for power menu/volume menu/etc
  • Switches are angled (like ICS)
  • Weather and News widgets (genie widget) have semi trans background
  • Power control widget has semi trans background
  • Nova Folder backgrounds (platform, circle, square)
  • Changed all grey icons on pull down to blue (including power widget)
  • Changed all navigation buttons to custom ones, with a blue highlights
  • Added some blue accents on pull down menu borders
  • Changed the working circle
  • Bottom menu background
  • Popup menus (white and dark)
  • Battery with and without percentages
  • Cellular and Wifi Signals
  • Animated notification icons for Gmail and Gtalk
What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 7, 2012)
  • Status bar close bar
  • Notification icon background on pull down
  • All AOKP toggle icons
  • AOKP power, kill and search nav bar icons
  • AOKP notification icon backgrounds
  • AOKP pull down background
  • AOKP misc icons
  • Fixed notification header background
  • Changed default wallpaper
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 12Mb APK

Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer v1.09 APK

Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer!

Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer
If you get abnormal playback results, even with the Normal voice effect, your
device may not be able to record properly in stereo mode. To rule this out, within the app, try selecting the 44100 mono (or 22050 mono) recording mode, via Menu->Prefs.

Note: Dalek voices are actually labeled as: Cyborg I, Cyborg II, and Cyborg III in the actual app.

NOTE: When recording, try using different recording volume levels (look for the recording volume control within the app) in order to find the levels that work best for your device. The default recording level of 1 may not be optimal for your device, so you may need to play around with that setting to get good recordings..

If you hear excessive static during playback, try lowering your recording volume and make a new recording using this lower recording volume setting.

If you are unable to record audio using this app, try the following:

CHECK 1: Speak closely into the microphone.

CHECK 2: Raise the speaker volume on your phone/device.

CHECK 3: Raise the recording volume from within the app.

CHECK 4: Also, if you have a bluetooth headset and you are not able to record audio or just get static, try turning your bluetooth headset off and see if that resolves the issue.

CHECK 5: From within the app, try selecting a different audio recording rate, via Menu->Prefs. Supported audio recording rates include: 44100 stereo, 22050 stereo, 11025 stereo, 44100 mono, 22050 mono, 11025 mono, 48000 stereo, 48000 mono, 8000 mono. Depending on your device, only a subset of these recording rates may be available to you.

30 Total Voice Effects !

Robot 1-5 (Cylon and other scifi robots),Alien 1-4(Goauld,Asgard),Backwards,Bee,Chipmunk,Cyborg 1-4(Daleks,Cybermen),Deep,Deep Metallic(Darth Vader),Echo,Fast Backwards(foreign language),Fast Normal,Freaky 1-2,Helium(Despicable Minion),Hyper,Metallic,Possessed,Saw-Man(Jigsaw),Slow Backwards,Slow Normal

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 23, 2012)
  • added new voice effects: Cyborg 1-4(Daleks,Cybermen), Freaky 1-2,Saw-Man(Jigsaw).
  • Note: Dalek voices are actually labeled as: Cyborg I, Cyborg II, and Cyborg III in the actual app.
  • If you get abnormal playback results, even with the Normal voice effect, your
  • device may not be able in stereo mode. Try selecting the 44100 mono (or 22050 mono) recording mode, via Menu->Prefs.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Download : 1.4Mb APK

Handy Note v2.6 APK

Replace paper notebooks, but keep the same user experiences!

Handy Note

The most popular note taking application in Amazon app store is now available at Google Play.
After enduring tons of clumsy note applications, which were not very intuitive nor easy to use, we have created Handy Note to fulfill our needs. 

We developed our product to make it powerful and easy to use. Our aim is to bring a handy tool to the market that will replace paper notebooks and keep the same user experience.
The characteristics of Handy Note can be summarized in three words “Freedom, Professionalism and Convenience”

You have the possibility to navigate between numerous tools. You can input text, hand write, free draw, insert symbols, drag shapes or insert photos anytime and anywhere you want, just as you do in a blank paper.

Handwriting experience provides by Handy Note is even better than writing on a piece of paper. The state of art design templates, note covers and papers, sticky papers, symbols to make your notes look nice.

Slide Show enables you to present your ideas without PowerPoint. You can copy and delete handwritten text word by word. Share with other Android devices or backup to Drop box.

Product Features
  • Magic Pen: a creative technology to improve the handwriting quality. This will get you to enjoy handwriting on Handy Note more than on paper. (Samsung S Pen is supported)
  • Rich Media: put text, handwriting, photos, symbols, shape on the same page just as you do in a blank paper. 
  • Editable handwriting box with word by word copy & delete, bulletin & numbering, alignment, and box style settings.
  • Built in note & paper templates, text box & handwriting box background templates and 200 symbols.
  • Share among different sizes and resolutions of Android phones/tablets of images, PDF files or Handy Note files through email, bluetooth, WIFI, Dropbox, etc.
  • Ready to Use: pre-define planner, diary, meeting minutes, class note and other templates with multiple different pages. Templates have formatted text & handwriting boxes for you to start taking notes.
Product Description

  • Text with in place text editing, sticker style background, size, color, numbering, bullet, etc.
  • Handwriting with customizable pen style, scalable writing area.
  • Full screen draw with lasso selecting and style changing.
  • Multiple objects: layer changes, alignment, distribution, group/ungroup, position lock.
  • Templates: place holder replaces.
  • Draw & Handwrite: 5 different kinds of pens with 6 colors and 6 strokes.
  • Text: 24 sticker style backgrounds, size, color, numbering, bullet, align, etc.
  • Templates: multiple pages templates in basic, time management, diary, business, academic, personal and others categories.
  • Paper & Cover: more than 20 papers/cover styles in basic, time management, diary, business, academic, personal and others categories.
  • More will available from our web site
  • Share among different size and resolution Android phones/tablets.
  • Share as image & PDF files for popular use.
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2012 )
  • Add private note function to protect privacy.
  • Improve user experience by altering indicators
  • Update user`s guide and video user`s guide
  • Support Android 4.1
  • Desktop Widgets
  • Bugs fix
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 24Mb APK

Racing Legends v1.1 APK

acing Legends is racing game and and a dip into the past of Formula One!

Racing Legends
Racing Legends is racing game and and a dip into the past of Formula One.
Racing Legends is an exciting 3D racing game and at the same time a dip into the past of Formula One racing.

Engines, speed, challenges, have been for long time the most important ingredients in the racing world.

From NuOxygen, creators of "Ikaro Racing HD" and "Monster Trouble HD" a new game that wants to be, at the same time, simple and funny.

The entire history of F1 in a single game, from the legendary 60's up until today,
with the thrill of racing along with the champions of the history of Forumula One, while driving the original cars.

An exciting career that will take you through new tracks while racing in the past. Never before has been made a racing game with these features of race and challenge.

  • Career mode & Quick run.
  • 5 decades of racing in F1, from the 60’s until now, with different cars to choose from for every decade.
  • 8 stunning tracks to race.
  • 4 car teams with different performance.
  • You can choose among different camera views for a full race immersion.
  • Possibility to analyze your opponent’s tracks through a dedicated visual.
  • Fully adjustable Accelerometers and Standard controls for a customized driving experience.
What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 7, 2012)
  • New Camera Mode
  • Added Levels Difficulty Mode
  • Resolved minor bug fixes
  • Updated to new game engine version with better perfomances
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 36Mb APK

Gun Club 2 (Full) v1.3.1 APK

The most feature rich & technically accurate gun simulator - now on Android!

Gun Club
Welcome to GUN CLUB 2 -- the most feature rich, graphically intense & technically accurate gun simulator -- and it's finally available on Android! Enjoy the jam-packed selection of interactive weaponry for free and find out for yourself why GUN CLUB 2 is the most downloaded gun simulator anywhere!

Update 1.7.0 introduces the free Bazooka along with the new Navy Seals Weapons Pack taking the total number of fully interactive weapons to a massive 142!

Want more info on updates? Come join us on our forums at or on Facebook at

➢ NEW Arwen 37
➢ Bazooka
➢ H&K G3 Rifle
➢ .50 Cal Flintlock Pistol
➢ M4A1 SOF CQB Rifle
➢ ACR Rifle
➢ LR308 Rifle
➢ Colt 1860 Pistol
➢ H&K P8
➢ Springfield 1903
➢ M203 Grenade Launcher
➢ TDI Vector
➢ Glock 18 Pistol
➢ SPAS-12 Shotgun
➢ M60-E Machine Gun
➢ M1911 Pistol
➢ Colt 1911 Pistol
➢ Colt Python .45 Magnum Revolver
➢ Desert Eagle Hand Gun
➢ MP5 Sub-Machine Gun
➢ Mac-10 Machine Pistol
➢ M-16A2 Machine Gun
➢ AK-47 Battle Rifle
➢ ARX-160 Assault Rifle
➢ Remington 870 Shotgun
➢ Chainsaw
➢ Vulcan Minigun
- More guns and weapon packs added every week!

✓ Shell discharge (full and empty)
✓ Both unique sides of every weapon
✓ Firing mechanic
✓ Recoil animation
✓ Muzzle flash / Flames & smoke
✓ Reload animations
✓ Real-time clip, gauge and magazine feedback
✓ Auto / semi-auto fire modes where applicable
✓ Zoom & free-look mode to examine each weapon closely
✓ Authentic sound recordings for all actions
✓ Detailed instructions on how to use each weapon

Also exclusive to GUN CLUB 2, custom-created themed weapon packs that explore dedicated weaponry associated with an era, special forces group or other specialization. We currently offer:

➢ Mk11Mod0
➢ Mk18Mod0
➢ Mk43Mod0
➢ MP5SD3
➢ Mossberg 590A1
➢ M1014 Tactical

➢ Mosin Nagant 1819/30
➢ SKS Carbine
➢ DP-28
➢ ZPU-4 AA Gun
➢ 21-K 45mm AA Gun
➢ M1942 ZIS-3
➢ Maxim M4
➢ ML20 Howitzer
➢ AZP S-60
➢ M1915 305mm Howitzer

➢ Browning Hi Power Pistol
➢ FGM-148 Javelin
➢ G36C Sub-Machine Gun
➢ L85A2 Rifle
➢ L115A3 Rifle
➢ M16A4 Rifle
➢ M870 Tactical Shotgun
➢ Mac-11 Machine Pistol

➢ 1777 Corrige Flintlock Rifle
➢ Blunderbuss
➢ Bomb
➢ Cannon
➢ Brown Bess Musket
➢ Double Barrel Flintlock
➢ Pocket Flintlock Pistol
➢ Navy Flintlock Pistol

➢ GMG Automatic grenade Launcher
➢ M2 Browning
➢ M14 EBR
➢ M79 "Thumper"
➢ M870 Shotgun
➢ Mk38 Bushmaster
➢ P226 Pistol

➢ L/60 Bofors Cannon
➢ GAU 2/A Minigun
➢ GAU12/U Equalizer
➢ M72 LAW
➢ M102 Howitzer
➢ M120 Mortar
➢ MK 12 MOD 1 SPR

➢ 50 Cal Turret
➢ AK-74 Assault Rifle
➢ AT4 Missile Launcher
➢ Combat Crossbow
➢ Dragunov Rifle
➢ FAMAS Assault Rifle
➢ Galil Assault Rifle
➢ Uzi Sub-Machine Gun

➢ Deringer Pistol
➢ Colt Revolving Rifle
➢ Colt 1851 Pistol
➢ Smith and Wesson Schofield Model 3
➢ Volcanic Lever Action Pistol
➢ Winchester M1887
➢ Shiloh-Sharps Carbine 1874

➢ AutoMag 180
➢ Colt Detective Special
➢ Luger P08
➢ Mateba Model 6 Unica Auto Revolver
➢ V61 Scorpion
➢ Walther P99
➢ Walther PPK

➢ M202A1 Rocket Launcher
➢ HK416 Rifle
➢ HK417 Rifle
➢ Beretta M9 Sidearm Pistol
➢ M240 Machine Gun
➢ UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun

➢ AA-12
➢ M200 Intervention Sniper
➢ M249 SAW Light Machine Gun
➢ Steyr AUG Assault Rifle
➢ F2000 Machine Gun
➢ TAR-21 Machine Gun
➢ SCAR-L Assault Rifle

➢ M14 Sniper Rifle
➢ M1014 Shotgun
➢ M4 SOPMOD Assault Rifle
➢ P90 Personal Defence Weapon
➢ G36E Assault Rifle
➢ "Flashbang" M84 Stun Grenade

Too many to list here, check out our website for more info!


Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 45Mb APK

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