Bulldozer Inc. Premium v1.1.1 APK

Power up your engine, enter the arena and raze everything!

Bulldozer Inc. Premium v1.1.1play.google.com.hg.bulldozer
Welcome to the Bulldozer Cup, the ultimate bulldozer spectacle! Outclass your rival in the most extreme demolition competition of all times and become a true master of destruction. Power up your engine, enter the arena and raze everything!

Play without ads and start with $7 000! 

Speed and precision are key to your success! Pimp your bulldozer with mighty powerups and show your rivals who’s the boss! What are you waiting for?

  • Merciless destruction spree!
  • Tournament mode and Challenge mode!
  • 12 weapons of mass destruction to help you level everything!
  • Extreme hard rock soundtrack and explosive sound effects!
Supports Immersion haptic technology

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 15Mb APK

Sudo QuickLaunch v1.1.3 APK

With Sudo QuickLaunch you can launch your favorite apps with a simple gesture!

Sudo QuickLaunch v1.1.3 play.google.com.sudoquicklaunch
Sudo QuickLaunch is designed to replace Google Search in the "Swipe Up From The Home Button" interface (for phones with software buttons). It provides quick access to the apps you use most. You can also access it directly from the lock screen (for phones with hardware buttons).

No DRM. No ads. No permissions.

The short video demonstrates how easy it is to use once it's installed.

This app requires Android Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1) or higher. On devices with hardware buttons, the app can only be accessed from the lock screen.

What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 7, 2012)
  • Scrolling performance improved (more buttery than before).
  • The app will no longer appear in the recent apps list.
  • Rocket ship icon tweaked to integrate even better into the lock screen.
  • Bug fix (thanks for the excellent bug reporting).
  • More improvements coming!
Required Android O/S : 4.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 100Kb APK

Transformers Autobots Theme v1.0 APK

Transformers Autobots Theme for GO/Apex/Nova Launchers now available!

Transformers Autobots Themeplay.google.com.autobots
Fully compatible with GO Launcher, Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher!
If you experience any issues please mail us directly to: dcthemez@gmail.com
Do not open the theme. You might get a Force close. Apply the theme via the respective Launchers.

  • Fully compatible with GO, Apex and Nova Launcher
  • Custom Transformer UI icons
  • Transformer movie fonts
  • Deep theme integration (custom icon backgrounds, dock, menus, folder etc)
  • 5 Transformers HD wallpapers for both hdpi and xhdpi devices
For GO Launcher: Tips for customization
  • Set the fonts by first scanning and then selecting the font "Transformers Movie"
  • App Label colors have to be changed manually. Set the color to 2D6DFF (Hex code for the blue color used in theme)
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 4Mb APK

File Explorer [Root Access] v0.200 APK

Adds root access capabilities to FX File Explorer!

File Explorer [Root Access] v0.200 play.google.com.fx.rr
This add-on module permanently enables the root file management features of FX File Explorer.

FX: file explorer w/optional root, net (SSH,FTP,SMB,Google Drive) & media tools.
FX File Explorer is a file manager / media manager with networking and cloud capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet.

During beta, all features of FX File Explorer are free, including network, cloud, and root access. After the beta period ends, this version will become the "Lite" version. After the beta, FX will retain all local file management capabilities, including search, archival, the text editor, and file viewers. The network, cloud, and media features will be available as an add-on. The root features will be available as an add-on.
  • This module requires that you have root/superuser access on your phone/tablet. This module WILL NOT root your phone/tablet. If you do not have root access, this module is useless.
  • Root access is intended for developers and knowledgeable enthusiasts ONLY. Improper use of any root access application can cause your phone/tablet to malfunction or become entirely non-operational. You assume all risk when using this or any root-access application to modify your device.
  • There are two paid add-ons for FX: the networking/media module (not yet available for purchase, but free to use during beta) and the root module (this module). You can buy either add-on, no add-ons, or both add-ons depending on your needs.
  • If you find this product to not meet your needs, please email us within 24 hours of purchase and we'll refund your money. Please include your name and "Google Order Number" shown on your receipt e-mail. DO NOT send any credit/debit card information.
General Features:
  • Browse, modify, and copy files to and from the otherwise inaccessible /data/app (installed Applications) and /data/data (application data / configuration) directories.
  • Search for files and folders by filename, size, date, and type.
  • View and change permissions and ownership of files and folders.
  • Remount the root (/) and /system partitions as read-write.
  • Edit configuration files as root using FX's built-in text editor.
  • View any binary or text file using FX's built-in binary/hex and text viewers.
Safety and Security Features:
  • As FX is designed to be an "everyday" file manager, special care was taken to ensure that adding root-access features to it would not detract from that capability. When the root module is installed, FX will still always use normal Android user access for file operations. The root module is only enabled when you specifically open the "System (Root)" catalog from the home screen of FX.
  • Security features can be configured to either warn you when you are using root access (the default behavior) or to require a PIN or password in order to use the root features. These features can also be disabled, but they're designed to be very unobtrusive (e.g. warnings are only displayed after a configurable interval of non-root use).
  • FX will display a warning on the home screen whenever the "/" or "/system" partitions have been remounted read-write, as it's a safety/security risk to not remount them as read-only when you're finished doing work as root.
  • FX features a recursive checksum calculator to allow manual checking of file integrity between two directories, and the system can even incorporate permissions and ownership data into its calculations to ensure two directories are identically configured. This feature can be accessed by long-pressing on a folder and tapping "Details", and then tapping "Calculate Checksum".
File Viewers / Editors (all versions)
  • Text File Viewer
  • Text Editor
  • Binary (Hex) Viewer (tap File->Open With->Binary Viewer within any file explorer window)
  • Image Viewer
  • Zip, Tar, GZip, and Bzip2 Archive Extractor / Creator (.zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2)
  • RAR Extractor (UnRAR)
Media Capabilities (full version)
  • Browse image and video collections
  • Browse audio by artist, album, playlist, or all tracks
  • Rearrange playlists with drag and drop (multiple files can be rearranged by selecting them)
Network / Cloud Capabilities (full version)
  • Windows networking (SMB)
  • FTP 
  • Cloud Storage: Google Drive (incl. Google Docs), Dropbox, SugarSync, Box (Box.net), and
  • SkyDrive (SkyDrive requires Android 2.2 or later)
  • Steam video and audio media files from SMB, FTP, SSH, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, and SkyDrive to media player applications
  • Browse local network for Windows (SMB) shares
  • Find FTP and SSH FTP local network shares using multicast DNS (mDNS) service discovery (Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi)
  • Encrypted keyring (used to avoid entering sensitive passwords in public while not allowing access in event of device theft)
  • Download and convert Google Drive / Google Docs files into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, PDF, and other formats.
Bluetooth Capabilities (full version)
  • Send files via OBEX Push
  • OBEX Push server for receiving files (optional, most devices natively provide this service)
  • OBEX Push client and server can use WiFi for high-speed transfers when both are connected to same network.
  • Bluetooth FTP Client
  • Discover / pair devices from within FX File Explorer
What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 19, 2012)
  • Fixed bug with Google Drive access not displaying all files.
  • Improved detection/user notification when root access is attempted after FX was denied root access and/or when root access is not possible on the device.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 3.75Mb Zip

MapleStory Live Deluxe v1.1.9 APK

The world's favorite online RPG is now a FREE MOBILE GAME!

MapleStory Live Deluxe v1.1.9play.google.com.maplelive
The Complete MapleStory Mobile Experience.
Open up the book on a whole new MapleStory!
Event : For everyone who purchases MapleStory Live Deluxe, thank you! You’ll get the full value of your purchase back in-game as a gift of 5000 Candies to use in our shop!

Maple World is in peril, but help is on the way. Take on the roles of Fenris the Dual Blade and Rei the Mechanic in two completely new tales of adventure. You’ll have to rely on your wits and reflexes as you explore new worlds battle new beasts on the quest to stop the Black Wings.

Endless adventures await you in MapleStory Live!

  • New stories, characters, and monsters to mash!
  • Huge, fully explorable map.
  • Three exciting mini games.
  • In-game Ad Board and Mailbox let you share messages with friends all over Maple World. 
  • Custom Touch UI allows you to customize your screen.
  • Three basic control schemes supported
  • Regular updates to bring you an endless adventure through Maple World!
What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 19, 2012)
  • Additional tutorials
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :


Download : 40Mb APK

Windows 8 Apex Theme v1.2 APK

The Windows 8 Simulation Theme for Apex Launcher.!

Windows 8 Apex Theme v1.2play.google.com.theme.apex.win8
Windows 8 Apex Theme
The Windows 8 Simulation Theme for Apex Launcher.
The Windows 8 theme contains large library with customized icons!!!!

  • Install Apex Launcher (Free or Pro)
  • Install theme
  • Open Apex Settings
  • Open Theme Settings
  • Select and Apply Windows 8 Theme
If you like this theme, check out our other themes. Click on "More by kRC2".

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :

Download : 525Kb APK

The Moron Test 2 v3.0.3 APK

The Moron Test is back with an all new brainteasing challenge! Can you pass?

The Moron Test 2 v3.0.3play.google.com.distinctdev.tmt2
The Moron Test is back with an all new brainteasing challenge! Can you pass?
The Moron Test’s quirky cast of lovable misfits is back in The Moron Test 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the App Store's favorite brain-teaser! Get ready for the next level of brain-busting fun in The Moron Test 2!

The Moron Test 2 - it's fun to FAIL!

  • Simple and addicting gameplay
  • Puzzles change for a fresh challenge every time
  • Catchy music and hilarious sounds
  • Earn all 15 stars in each episode
  • Five tricky Scenes in each Episode to master
  • You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL
  • “Fair Game”
  • “Out Sick”
  • More Episodes coming soon!
  • Master the game, then laugh as your family and friends fail these seemingly simple questions!
What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 22, 2012)
  • Fixes an issue with devices running Android 4.1 which was re-introduced in 3.0.2. We apologize for this additional update
    • Bug fixes
    • Improved stability
    • Field Day, a brand new section!
    • Improved stability
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 11.8Mb APK

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