Dexter the Game 2 1.01 APK

Dexter the Game 2 - The official game based on the hit original TV series

FinalStrike3D v1.0.8 APK

3D helicopter combat action game Yakiharae all!

Pulse of Energy v1.0 APK

Pulse of Energy - new, unusual abstract live wall-paper on your desktop!

BreezeHD for CM9/CM10 v1.2 APK

This time i made a new theme with really great design and new features!

Nun Attack v1.0.2 APK

In a world where prayers are no longer answered, Evil is about to get cannonized!

PhotoTangler Collage Maker v1.1 APK

Instantly blend your photos into works of art!

Battery Saver DX+Switch Widget APK

Do Xcellent. For your battery !

Total Recall v1.0.10 APK


Water Pro Live Wallpaper v1.0.3 APK

Water live wallpaper, simulates liquid water ripple effect!

Catan v3.0.0 APK

Become a Conqueror, Explorer and Merchant! Rule the Island of Catan!

You Need A Budget (YNAB) v2.0.2.147 APK

Break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, & save more money faster!

Diet & Food Tracker v2.1.3 APK

Lose weight and get in shape with this app from!

Buka HD v3.0.6 APK

She's a cosmic girl.
Enjoy her space adventure in an award-winning casual game. BUKA makes stars go boom!

Call Me! PRO v1.4.4 APK

Spoof, prank your friends or just have an excuse to get out of unwanted situations by easily scheduling a free fake call!

GPP Remote Control v3.5.5 APK

Remote control your PC !

Predators™ v1.4.5 APK

Play as the Predator!

Proximity Screen Off Pro v5.3 APK

Want to feel what gestures can do? Here's an application which will let!

Multi Mount SD-Card v2.31 APK

You go to your sdcard in your phone and PC simultaneously!

M.U.S.E. v1.02 APK

Arcade action and RPG-like leveling combine in the explosive shooter M.U.S.E.!

Ultimate Mouse Pro v2.4 APK

Take control of your mouse and keyboard through WiFi or Bluetooth!

Solar System Explorer v2.5.0 APK

Take an interactive 3D trip through the solar system with Solar System Explorer !

Robot Rampant Factory v1.0 APK

Help us escape!

Vaulty Stocks v3.9.1 APK

The #1 privacy app & the best app to hide pictures & videos gets even better !

Light Flow - LED&Notifications v3.3.0 APK

Take control of your notifications. LEDs, vibrations, repeating sounds and more!

Air Control v3.24 APK

You are the air traffic controller helping the planes safely to ground!

Tapatalk Forum App v2.4.3 APK

Designed for forum superstars. Award winning forum app gets better w/ Tapatalk 2!

SongPop v1.5.10 APK

The best music trivia game.!

Color Splash Effect Pro v1.3.1 APK

Color Splash convert photos to gray and let you choose details in color!

Pocket Informant-Events,Tasks v2.09.6096 APK

Calendar, GTD Tasks - all in one. The best selling PIM on mobile now on Android!

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