Maniac Manors v1 APK

Explore an intriguing manor in which you will make your way by solving puzzles!

Explore an intriguing manor in which you will make your way by solving puzzles, interacting with objects and environment, and investigating his shady past. Immerse yourself in this frightening 3D world and haunting music, but try not to succumb to madness.

You just bought a beautiful manor in an auction fair for a very advantageous price. Curious, you go to have a look at your new acquisition, but then, nothing goes as you planned.

Maniac Manors skillfully blends adventure, puzzle, investigation, "escape the room" and puzzles in carefully crafted 3D environments. Find and collect items that will serve to progress in your adventure. Your observation skills will be challenged to intercept messages and hidden codes.

  • Sublime graphics that will immerse you in the adventure.
  • Soundtrack and high quality sound effects.
  • Many items to collect and combine.
  • Variated puzzles to solve.
  • Challenges that will push you to play and replay.
  • Mental Health System.
  • A world inspired by the myth of Chtulhu
Be sure your device has at least 512 Mo of memory before playing this game.

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :
Maniac Manors - screenshot thumbnailManiac Manors - screenshot thumbnailManiac Manors - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 133Mb APK+OBB

Notification Toggle Premium v2.7.5 APK

Notification Toggle creates notifications in the Android status bar to let you quickly switch!

Geometry Dash v1.01 APK

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rythm-based action platformer!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours!

Game Features

• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!
• Build and share your own levels using the level editor!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Lots of achievements and rewards!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!
• No in-app purchases!

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Geometry Dash - screenshot thumbnailGeometry Dash - screenshot thumbnailGeometry Dash - screenshot thumbnailGeometry Dash - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 17Mb APK

Snap Camera HDR v3.4.4 APK

A Whole New Camera Experience!

ssLauncher the Original v1.12.12 APK

More freedom to your device !

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge v4.5.4 APK

Virtua Tennis™, one of the World's leading tennis game franchises, is available for the first time on smartphones!

StopWatch & Timer+ v1.22 APK

The paid version of the leading StopWatch & Timer on Android!

Lonely Tree Live Wallpaper v1.38 APK

A live wallpaper featuring a beautiful winter scene!

Ultimate Call Screen HD Pro v10.0.3 APK

Ultimate Call Screen HD: Fullscreen Caller ID. Call Blocker and Sensor actions!

EVA - (beats Siri) v3.17 APK

EVA is the best Voice Assistant for Android !

SongPop Plus v1.7.13 APK

The best music trivia game.!

DraStic DS Emulator vr2.1.2a APK

DraStic is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for Android.

DraStic DS
In addition to being able to play Nintendo DS games full speed on many Android devices it has the following features:

- Customize the placement and size of the DS screens, for portrait and landscape modes
- Fully supports add-on controllers, and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play
- Save and resume your progress anywhere with save states
- Tweak your gaming experience with a database of thousands of cheat codes
- Synchronize your save games with your online Google Drive space
- Increase emulation speed with fast-forward

If you have any uncertainties about the emulator please check out the demo version first, which will let you evaluate how the emulator works on your device.

NOTE: Android devices using Tegra 2 are not supported by this emulator. We've attempted to blacklist these devices, but if you still have one that is not blacklisted do not purchase this emulator.

What's in this version : 

- Fix for microphone bug in Zelda games
- Fix for Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS
- Disabling sound shouldn't cause problems anymore
- Some changes in Google Drive handling
- Quick-saves don't override Auto-saves anymore
- Fixed cheat menu crashing if a cheat string contains invalid characters

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
DraStic DS Emulator - screenshot thumbnailDraStic DS Emulator - screenshot thumbnailDraStic DS Emulator - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 6.2Mb APK

My Budget Book v4.0 APK

All your expenses at a glance!

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.00 APK

Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android!

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD (Full) v2.0.1 APK

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is the fully optimized Google Play version of Fishlabs’ multi-award-winning space combat and trading simulation.

Galaxy on Fire 2™
[The wait is over! Fishlabs’ genre-defining open space shooter finally blazes onto Android with Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, including the critically acclaimed add-ons Valkyrie™ and Supernova™!]

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is the fully optimized Google Play version of Fishlabs’ multi-award-winning space combat and trading simulation. With cutting-edge 3D graphics, an unprecedented depth of gameplay and 10+MM installs over all kinds of mobile platforms, the title is rightfully considered a benchmark of sci-fi gaming on smartphones and tablets by fans and media alike!

In the game, you take over the role of the hot-headed space war veteran Keith T. Maxwell and save the galaxy from its impeding destruction by the hands of devious alien raiders, ruthless space pirates and power-crazy madmen! Besides the 10+ hours campaign of the main game, you can also take on two additional adventures by unlocking the extensive story add-ons Valkyrie™ and Supernova™. Granting exclusive access to tons of new missions and content, they are available via in-app purchase and can be enjoyed right away, no matter how far you’ve progressed in the main storyline!

In addition, you can also buy various credit packs and purchase your own space station, the infamous Kaamo Club, in order to stock valuable goods and park or even pimp your favourite space ships.

The international press loves Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD and says “that currently there is no other game on Android that could rival GOF2 in terms of complexity” ( and that it “takes mobile gaming to a whole new level with its amazing details and rich gameplay” (

The fans have given Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD thousands of 5-star ratings! According to them, it resembles “Elite on the Commodore 64, but with amazing graphics” (E.K. Hartley) and is “so addicting, I played for an hour and it felt like 15 minutes” (S. Wickstrom).

  • Achievements and leaderboards via Google Play game services (GPGS)
  • A vast galaxy with over 30 star systems and more than 100 planets and space stations
  • More than 50 customizable spaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems, power-ups and commodities
  • A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based and sandbox gameplay
  • High-quality visuals including detailed 3D models, hi-res textures and breath-taking Special FX
  • 3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting
  • Action Freeze™: Take screenshots from any perspective and save them onto your device
  • Full support of the differing resolutions and capabilities of 200+ Android-powered smartphones and tablets
Required Android O/S : 3.0+

Screenshots :
Снимок экрана iPhone 1Снимок экрана iPhone 2Снимок экрана iPhone 4Снимок экрана iPhone 5

Download : 970Mb (APK+OBB)
Instructions :
  • Install APK
  • Copy 'net.fishlabs.gof2hdallandroid2012' folder to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/'
  • Launch the game

Daredevil Devlin v1.0 APK

Do you want to be a Daredevil?

Do you want to be a Daredevil? Do you love challenges? Do you like to solve puzzles and strategize your way to the finish line? Or even, do you just like to blow yourself up and send your body up in the air? We've got them all in this game, AND MORE...
Introducing the newest, the most rad and awesomesaucest bike game ever to grace the Google Play, Daredevil Devlin. Meet Devlin, a wooden doll that wants to be recognized as one of the elite Daredevils. Survive tons of exciting and challenging levels. With tough puzzles and obstacles. Think your way through the levels. Solve how to finish each level the best way possible without killing yourself up. Simply, a game with an attitude.

- Cool bikes and rider costumes.
- Exciting and challenging levels
- Fun gameplay.
- Vibrant graphics.
- Lots of puzzles and obstacles to solve.
- An attitude second to none.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Daredevil Devlin - screenshot thumbnailDaredevil Devlin - screenshot thumbnailDaredevil Devlin - screenshot thumbnailDaredevil Devlin - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 37Mb APK

Jumping Jupingo v1.0.2 APK

There are lost baby spiders everywhere!

Armed with elastic silk threads and springy hind legs, help Jupingo the jumping spider bounce through the game to rescue the babies and evade the enemies blocking his path.
Jupingo’s most deadly enemy is the dreaded Clopters. These bug sized, one eyed aliens roam the Earth in search of the spinning silk of baby spiders. This precious thread is the only material strong enough for umbrellas which will shield the Clopters from the deadly hailstorms of their home planet.
But they have not succeeded just yet... Through their clumsiness they have scattered the thousands of captured babies all over the place. You can help Jupingo save the babies by delivering them to Flash the snail to ferry them out of danger.
Like being caught in a spider’s web, Jumping Jupingo will have you hooked. Leap to victory in this incredible game.

• 30 stunning Levels
• Elaborately created characters and scenery.
• No set route to completion: unleash your imagination!
• Battle through hordes of deadly enemies: Crushers, Impalers, Slicers, Splitters, Screamers, poisonous vines, Venus fly traps and the dreaded Clopters.
• Challenge yourself: Special tasks at the end of each level to boost their final score.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :
Jumping Jupingo - screenshot thumbnailJumping Jupingo - screenshot thumbnailJumping Jupingo - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 47Mb APK

Crazy Taxi v1.20 APK

Remastered for mobile devices based on the hugely popular Dreamcast Classic

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