iOS 7 HD Apex / Nova Theme v1.0 APK

This theme really stands out because it gives your phone a iPhone 5s look!

Reactable mobile v2.2.0 APK

Enter the Reactable Challenge and win a Reactable Live!

BSPlayer v1.10.161 APK

This is the full, ad-free version of BSPlayer with additional functionality!

QuitSmoking3D v1.1 APK

There was no smoking quitting application until now!

Camera 2 v1.2.0 APK

Camera 2 is the ultimate real-time effects app!

Terraria (Full) v1.02 APK


Alien Shooter EX v1.02.07 APK

Alien annihilation is what you were born to do! Expect to be blown away by this explosive, addictive RPG style futuristic shooter!

Alien Shooter
This fast-paced, action-packed 3D shooter begins with a resurgence of alien invaders. The hero has retired to the country, to heal both his physical and psychological wounds from his last encounter with the merciless monsters. But this warrior can't resist the call of battle, and when the aliens return, he is ready for the front line.

Beautiful textures, realistic 3D graphics, and an eerie soundtrack are the perfect backdrop for this grim apocalyptic tale.

Collect futuristic weapons, epic gear, and of course, coins in game to upgrade your equipment.
Slaughter your enemies at range—and point-blank range if need be, collect data, explore vast, 3D levels, complete missions of growing complexity, and learn more about your enemy. The more you know about them, the more deadly your assault on their vile ranks will be.

  • Expansive 3D world
  • Elegant, sensitive, uncluttered dual touchscreen joystick controls for smooth character movement and point-and-shoot targeting
  • Fast-paced, action-heavy, in-your-face gameplay
    Incredible textures, lighting, crisp graphics, and exceptional character and level design
  • Decimate the alien population, attain objectives, and complete missions to gain xp to level
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Alien Shooter EX - screenshot thumbnailAlien Shooter EX - screenshot thumbnailAlien Shooter EX - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 197Mb APK

Root Explorer v3.1.2 APK

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android's file system !

Chainsaw Warrior v1.1 APK

Chainsaw Warrior is a brutally awesome good time.

Chainsaw Warrior from Games Workshop is the classic nail-biting game for one strong-nerved player: It's the year 2032 and spatial warping has opened a hole into another dimension in the midst of the old municipal buildings at the heart of Manhattan.

Bizarre and dangerous creatures are flooding into our dimension, intent on destruction. Behind their actions is a controlling intelligence known as 'Darkness', who intends to drag New York back into the warp – destroying it utterly! Air strikes, ground assaults and WMDs have all failed to stop the swarming forces from beyond. All that remains is a single hope: a shadowy ex-special forces soldier, enhanced for combat and known only as 'Chainsaw Warrior'.

Equipped with all the latest high-tech armaments, he must battle his way through to the trans-dimensional ground-zero and defeat Darkness. Not only are there swarms of zombies, mutants, traps, Chaos Agents and other twisted denizens between him and Darkness, time is the enemy too! Only an hour remains to save New York before it is torn from our world forever. First published as a solo boardgame in 1987, it has been updated, translated and re-engineered for the digital generation. In Chainsaw Warrior it's just you against both the clock and a tide of evil! Can you prevail where all others have failed? You only have 60 minutes to save New York!

Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :
Chainsaw Warrior - screenshot thumbnailChainsaw Warrior - screenshot thumbnailChainsaw Warrior - screenshot thumbnailChainsaw Warrior - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 54Mb APK+OBB

Kingdom Rush Frontiers v1.0 build 1380574538 APK

The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers!

Kingdom Rush
Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. (Don't worry, we've still got all the good ol' stuff from the last game, too. It's vintage now.)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers packs in so much content, it's like a fully upgraded artillery blast of mouthwatering, pixelated joy launched right into your smiling little face... and it hurts so good!

  • Fortify the frontier in exotic news lands - hold the line in deserts, jungles and even the underworld!
  • Eight new specialized tower upgrades! Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines - hey, we told you we were shaking things up.
  • Over 18 tower abilities! Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies!
  • Over 40 enemies with unique abilities! Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors.
  • Eleven legendary heroes. Choose your champions and train their abilities!
  • Special units and features on every stage! Watch out for the Black Dragon!
  • Merciless boss fights! Hey, we told you to get those upgrades...
  • Hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements!
  • Classic, Iron, and Heroic game modes to challenge your tactical skills!
  • Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode!
  • Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, full-bodied voice-overs and lovingly illustrated cartoon art! (Complete with cartoon blood, naturally.)
  • In-game encyclopedia! True warriors know thine enemies... and their towers. Study up!
PRAISE FOR KINGDOM RUSH: IGN Editor's Choice, Slide To Play Must Have, 148 Apps Editor's Choice, Jay is Games Game of the Year, Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Touch Arcade 4.5/5, CNET. Best iPad Games

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 2, 2013)
  • Added support for back button that was missing in some game screens.
  • Changed game icon to conform to Android guidelines.
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - screenshot
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - screenshot
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - screenshot
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - screenshot
Kingdom Rush Frontiers - screenshot

Download : 232Mb APK+OBB

MetService v1.0.3 APK

The best forecasts, personalised!

Beach Live Wallpaper + v2.0.6 APK

Try out this ultra smooth and beautiful water live wallpaper at the beach!

Sixaxis Controller v0.7.0 APK

Finally the wait is over... The ultimate gaming experience awaits!

CircleLauncher v2.4.1 APK

Start your apps or call your best friends - but with style!

Talking Tom 2 v4.0.2 APK

Tom is back with an all new adventure!

Pinball Rocks HD v1.0 [Full] APK

You asked for more ROCK, and we're giving it to you! Pinball Rocks HD is now available on Android for the first time!

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