Sparkle 2 Evo v3.1 APK

Control the evolution with the touch of your finger.

Sparkle 2
Start as a tiny aquatic being, and climb the evolutionary ladder until you become a huge, magnificent creature. Explore the abyss in search of food. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources. Outsmart competing Sparkles and eat more micro-elements than them in the new competitive mode. Enjoy the surreal visuals and relaxing soundtrack.

Can you grow the biggest Sparkle in the world?

Subtle, captivating, addictive. We give you control over your Sparkle's development and well-being and you have one goal - to evolve. Whilst exploring the Sparkle Void, you find various nutritious elements to eat. Sometimes you will even have to fight for food with other species. You become what you eat - you get to choose whether your sparkle becomes a fast and aggressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast-eating herbivore, or an omnivore, whose features lie somewhere in between. Insight to your Sparkle's DNA strand will give you information about the progress and will help you plan which micro-elements you want to focus on eating next. You will also get to fight giant bosses from time to time.

But there’s no rush to keep the game in full swing at all times. You may as well just relax, play the game on a slow pace, explore the sparkle void, consume nutritional elements, enjoy simple and surreal surrounding and listen to the ambient music soundtrack. The choice is all yours.
  • Three different ways to evolve. Become a fast and aggressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast eating herbivore, or an omnivore whose features lie somewhere in between
  • Experience 3 + 1 stages of evolution.
  • Play through 12 + 3 dreamlike looking levels
  • Use GenLab to check your Sparkles DNA strand, your progress, status of your special skills, and plan what to eat next accordingly.
  • Relax with great chilled-out ambient soundtrack.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Sparkle 2 Evo - screenshotSparkle 2 Evo - screenshotSparkle 2 Evo - screenshot

Download : 63Mb APK+OBB

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Day of Madness v1.0.3 APK

Enter the awesome story-driven dual stick shooter and let the madness begin!

Day of
It was supposed to be just another, boring day. But the evil never sleeps and in the form of a little girl, once again, dark forces will try to take over the world! Now it is your turn to step into action and seize the day... Day of Madness!

Reload your guns, buckle your ammo belts and start blowing away evil creatures standing in your way in this packed with insane action twin-stick shooter!


Day of Madness is a huge game.
  • 16 massive levels in the main campaign
  • 9 huge additional levels in the unlockable Call of Minions campaign
  • 6 tough challenge maps
A variety of deadly weapons like shotgun, flamethrower and more will give the endless pleasure of shattering your enemies during your adventure in Day of Madness.

Over 30 types of enemies will stand in your way in the Day of Madness. Giant pumpkins, zombies, scarecrows and many more won't make it easy for you to complete your quest.

  • Magnificent 3D visuals
  • Outstanding voice acting
  • Awesome story
  • Addictive mini-games
Day of Madness has everything you are looking for in a great action shooter!

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Day of Madness - screenshotDay of Madness - screenshotDay of Madness - screenshotDay of Madness - screenshot

Download : 260Mb APK

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