Ittle Dew v1.1.0 APK

Experience devious puzzles, timeless gameplay and lots of exploration!

Adventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto a strange island, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. It quickly dawns on the duo that this might become their biggest adventure yet.

Ittle Dew boils down the classic adventure formula until there is only fun left. Experience devious puzzles, timeless gameplay and lots of exploration!
  • Lots of secrets and shortcuts to explore
  • Combine your tools in ingenious ways
  • Beautiful hand-drawn HD wobble graphics
Required Android O/S : 3.2+

Screenshots :
Ittle Dew - screenshot
Ittle Dew - screenshot
Ittle Dew - screenshot
Ittle Dew - screenshot
Ittle Dew - screenshot

Download : 112Mb APK+OBB

Monster Loves You! v0.9.28 APK

Devour Hansel and Gretel. Save Little Red Riding Hood. Eat the Three Little Pigs.

Monster Loves You!
Monster Loves You! is an interactive story where you live the life of a Monster, making decisions about what to eat and how to steer the future of Monsterkind.

What do you do when three angry bears discover a child in their cabin? Or when you spy a wolf hunting down a young woman? As a Monsterling, your choices are simple ones. Do you chase those poor little mice (+1 Ferocity) or protect them from the dogs (+1 Kindness)? These early choices determine your personality.

But all youngins must grow up and make tougher decisions. When Monster/Human relations are on the line, do you help lost children find their way home (+1 Cleverness)? Or do you fatten them up for Human foie gras and share them with your village (+1 Respect)?

  • Balance Bravery, Cleverness, Ferocity, Honesty, Kindness, and Respect to wield political power.
  • Over 900 choices to make. Devour Little Red Riding Hood. Gobble up Hansel and Gretel. Eat the Three Little Pigs.
  • Encounter different adventures each time you play, with a dozen or so possible endings.
  • Bonus: Become a Neurosurgeon without having to attend medical school. That's value!
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4

Download : 49Mb APK

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion v1.1.0 APK


Red Crow Mysteries:
Save mankind from a terrifying fate in this heart-pounding adventure!
Your ability to see other worlds makes you the only person who can win the eternal battle between good and evil. Explore dark and eerie locations to find clues, search for special items and solve tricky puzzles. Pass the ultimate test to prove that you are the only one able to defeat the impending threat and preserve the world as we know it.
  • 73 hidden object scenes to search
  • 25 challenging mini-games to play
  • Three awesome chapters with six eye-catching locations
  • Three game play modes: easy, casual and adventure
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Red Crow Mysteries:Legion Full - screenshot thumbnailRed Crow Mysteries:Legion Full - screenshot thumbnailRed Crow Mysteries:Legion Full - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 390Mb APK

Burn The Lot v1.0.6 APK

Carnies: they hypnotize…they steal…they leave. They call it “burning the lot.”

Burn The
Stopping interstellar carnies from taking over the galaxy is your job. That means finding the weapons and tactics you’ll need to get the job done. Fight your way around three different planets. Collect coins that lead to better gear. Better gear leads to bigger bangs. You get the idea.

  • Dual-stick, third-person shooter. Dance. Dodge. Destroy.
  • 30 story-driven levels with multiple objectives. Help out natives, recover artifacts, take down Carnies in new ways.
  • 12 enemy types + 9 bosses = total Carny carnage.
  • 17 different melee and projectile weapons. Barbell? You bet. Flame gun? Fun.
  • 3 uniquely themed, planet-shaped maps: Wild West, Miner, South of the Border.
  • Upload/download game progress to the cloud and play on multiple devices.
Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :
Burn The Lot - screenshotBurn The Lot - screenshotBurn The Lot - screenshot

Download : 325Mb APK+OBB

Soccer Moves v1.0 [Mod Money] APK

Outsmart defenders with your clever moves and become the ultimate soccer legend!

Defenders inspired by infamous players, past and present, stand in the way of you living the dream. With a limited number of moves, cleverly pass, run or shoot your way through the defenders to score the perfect goal.

Progress from novice to pro, improving your skills and unlocking kits, journeying from humble beginnings at amateur grounds all the way to the fame of the international stage.
Are you ready to become the ultimate soccer hero?


  • Fight your way through eight defender types inspired by legendary players
  • Master various moves like chip, dribble and curve on shots
  • Use your moves wisely to solve over 90 unique level challenges
  • Progress through five unique environments, from a local park to incredible stadiums
  • Unlock various outfits from major country kits to zombies and action heroes
  • Collect rewards for completing unique objectives on every level
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :
Soccer Moves - screenshot thumbnailSoccer Moves - screenshot thumbnailSoccer Moves - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 103Mb APK+OBB

Redemption: Raven v1.0 APK

After getting into a car accident, you wander into a mysterious graveyard while searching for help.

The doors slam shut behind you and you realize that you are trapped! Escape from the eerie Redemption Cemetery by helping trapped spirits save their loved ones, and free their souls! Use your Hidden Object skills to help these ghosts and escape, in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven!

  • Dark, eerie atmosphere with fantastic graphics
  • Dramatic, captivating storyline
  • Intuitive & intriguing inventory puzzles
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Redemption: Raven (Full) - screenshotRedemption: Raven (Full) - screenshotRedemption: Raven (Full) - screenshot

Download : 462Mb APK+OBB

The Walking Dead: Assault v1.60 APK

Finally, the best version of The Walking Dead: Assault is available for Droid devices!

The Walking Dead:
Released for the first time to Google Play fans of Robert Kirkman's award winning "The Walking Dead", this game takes you from the moment Rick awakens in hospital, to the horrific camp invasion that costs the survivors valuable allies and friends.

The Walking Dead: Assault for Google Play features enhancements over the original, top-rated No1 strategy title. These include additional and enhanced sound and visual FX, new balance tweaks to the game's play difficulty, additional booster items to give you more ammo and health, and the Michonne character update from the original release.

Play as your favorite characters from the series – Rick, Glenn, Shane, Carl, Andrea, Lori and more! Assemble and choose your ultimate team of four, hunt for supplies, upgrade, and use unique special character abilities to survive against the walker hordes!

Complete Bonus Objectives and Challenges to unlock special content including artwork and wallpapers for your device, behind-the-scenes trivia, Google Play Achievements and much more!

Play the top-rated Official game of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic series "The Walking Dead", now a hit TV show from AMC about to launch its 4th Season!

  • Authentic locations from the award-winning comic series, visualized within a 3D comic book style!
  • Play as your favorite characters from the comics with intuitive controls built for Touch-screen devices!
  • Trigger distractions such as flares and car alarms to divert attention away from you and your party – but be careful how much noise you make!
  • Unlock and upgrade your characters' attributes to tilt the odds in your favor!
  • Beat your friends times via Google Play Leaderboards!
What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 1, 2013)
  • Works only on Android devices for 2.3 and up! Minimum req 512MB of RAM!
  • Major bug fixes for Adreno devices, such as the Xperia series of phones.
  • Facebook Cloud Save! Login through Facebook to back-up your save and transfer back and forth between your Android devices. Please avoid using multiple Facebook accounts on the same device as we have found this to cause errors. We are working on a fix.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
The Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnailThe Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnailThe Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 160Mb APK+OBB

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