Scoop - Excavator v1 APK

Simply Tilt and Go! Your excavator is off and running with real world physics programmed to your touch.

Scoop -
Activate your digger’s Boom, Bucket, Swing, and Stick with touch sensitive joysticks operating precisely as they did at your grandfather's construction site. Scoop Excavator’s realistic and playful controls spark everyone's childlike curiosity to operate heavy equipment.

Complete jobs to earn paychecks, or enjoy creative free play, demolition, and physics-based puzzles in the Sandbox. Loading the dump truck with dirt is easy with the option of either SAE or ISO joystick control patterns. For more experienced operators, each control pattern has an advanced setting, combining the two motions of each joystick simultaneously.

Gear shifting, hydraulic hissing, rise and shine with the roosters, old-fashioned hard work. Well...not exactly. While Scoop is based around what appears to be an ordinary excavator, the jobs, tasks and missions will be anything but ordinary.

You have the pleasure of working under Foreman Chuck. Chuck is known for tackling construction jobs that the faint of heart and weak of stomach wouldn't dare to get tangled up in.

Scoop - Excavator is developed for the latest high-end mobile devices.

Visit to get the dirt on upcoming updates, request new features, suggest ideas, or receive technical support. We’re building this game for you!

Required Android O/S : 4.1+

Screenshots :
Scoop - Excavator - screenshotScoop - Excavator - screenshotScoop - Excavator - screenshot

Download : 74Mb APK+OBB

XnBooth Pro v1.54 APK

The paid, ad-free version of the free XnBooth app, with more effect, layout!

Lightning Launcher eXtreme v8.6.b1 APK

This is a super-charged, "All In One" version of Lightning Launcher. LL is a fast, light and extremely customizable home screen replacement for Android!

Beautiful Widgets Pro v5.4.2 APK

Tons of widgets, tons of themes, just for you!

Steam Punks v0.2 APK

Monster Robot Studios is proud to present Steam Punks!

Steam Punks is a action platformer RPG inspired by classics SNES games like Mega man X.
Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan is on his mission to take on the Bowler Gang and get back a stolen invention.

Steam Punks features :
Loads to explore and secrets to uncover.
*Check Point auto save system for easy pick up and play levels!
Awesome weapons:
*Weaver Shot
*Spread Shot
*Hook Shot
*Buzz Saw Boomerang
*The legendary Alchemy Gun
*and many more!
Cool Masks with unique powers!
*The Bowler disguise
*The Adventure hat with treasure sonar
*The Diving Helmet
Tons of Hidden power ups and upgrades :
*Speed boots *Crash Helmet *Gun upgrades, bullet sp. bullet Pow.
*8 Hidden coins in each level
*Bestiary: view all the beautifully pixelated enemies you encounter!
*Mini Card game!
The list goes on, but you should really just play it ;)

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
Steam Punks - screenshotSteam Punks - screenshotSteam Punks - screenshot

Download : 45Mb APK

RAM Booster Pro v2.0 APK

The most beautiful part of this app is a small, configurable widget that places on top of any app and one-click to RAM boost!

Principia v1.1.1 APK

Welcome to the world of Principia - the successor to the Android hit Apparatus, played by over 3 million players.
Solve puzzles using the laws of physics. Help the robot get to the goal by building contraptions, bridges and vehicles.

Open up the sandbox editor and use over 150 unique objects to create anything from a simple teeter totter to a working calculator. Use the advanced electronics system to create your own games. Upload your creations to the community website or download creations by others.

Gain control of the robot by playing as him in Adventure Mode.

New official puzzle levels added weekly. New game modes coming!

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Principia - screenshotPrincipia - screenshotPrincipia - screenshot

Download : 11Mb APK

Transport Tycoon v0.20.1106 APK

Build the ultimate transport empire!

The Walking Dead: Assault v1.62 APK

Finally, the best version of The Walking Dead: Assault is available for Droid devices!

The Walking Dead:
Released for the first time to Google Play fans of Robert Kirkman's award winning "The Walking Dead", this game takes you from the moment Rick awakens in hospital, to the horrific camp invasion that costs the survivors valuable allies and friends.

The Walking Dead: Assault for Google Play features enhancements over the original, top-rated No1 strategy title. These include additional and enhanced sound and visual FX, new balance tweaks to the game's play difficulty, additional booster items to give you more ammo and health, and the Michonne character update from the original release.

Play as your favorite characters from the series – Rick, Glenn, Shane, Carl, Andrea, Lori and more! Assemble and choose your ultimate team of four, hunt for supplies, upgrade, and use unique special character abilities to survive against the walker hordes!

Complete Bonus Objectives and Challenges to unlock special content including artwork and wallpapers for your device, behind-the-scenes trivia, Google Play Achievements and much more!

Play the top-rated Official game of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic series "The Walking Dead", now a hit TV show from AMC about to launch its 4th Season!

  • Authentic locations from the award-winning comic series, visualized within a 3D comic book style!
  • Play as your favorite characters from the comics with intuitive controls built for Touch-screen devices!
  • Trigger distractions such as flares and car alarms to divert attention away from you and your party – but be careful how much noise you make!
  • Unlock and upgrade your characters' attributes to tilt the odds in your favor!
  • Beat your friends times via Google Play Leaderboards!
What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 1, 2013)
  • Works only on Android devices for 2.3 and up! Minimum req 512MB of RAM!
  • Major bug fixes for Adreno devices, such as the Xperia series of phones.
  • Facebook Cloud Save! Login through Facebook to back-up your save and transfer back and forth between your Android devices. Please avoid using multiple Facebook accounts on the same device as we have found this to cause errors. We are working on a fix.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :
The Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnailThe Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnailThe Walking Dead: Assault - screenshot thumbnail

Download : 160Mb APK+OBB

Mali Version

Asterix: Total Retaliation v1.91 APK

A defense game inspired by the Asterix comic!

AndroZip™ Pro File Manager v4.6.7 APK

AndroZip File Manager helps you copy, delete, move, search, and organize your files, music, pictures, and folders just like you would do on your PC!

Can Knockdown (Full) v1.25 APK

Be accurate! Be smart! Be quick!

3D Image Live Wallpaper 3.0.1 APK

Creates the illusion of a 3D image when tilting the phone!

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